Saturday, 22 January 2011

Isolabella, WC1

I've not actually cooked much at all in the last couple of days...

Drinks & dinner out the last two nights (and I failed to remember to take any photos!) and on Wednesday having had a massive lunch at Italian restaurant Isolabella on Red Lion St, WC1 I just didn't (most unlike me) feel hungry again for the rest of the day.

It wasn't a bad lunch really: a very retro starter of  prawns in marie rose sauce with avocado.  The prawns were nice and juicy and the avocado was just on the right side of ripe but there's not a great deal more to say about it - it was what it was.

For my main, I went for the day's special: Scaloppine alla Valdostana with sauté potatoes & spinach. First impressions of the veal was that it was tender and very tasty. After a few mouthfuls though it did become clear that it was just a bit too salty. I can only imagine that they overseasoned the tomato sauce, forgetting that the parma ham itself would probably be salty enough. The spinach on the other hand could have done with more a touch more seasoning and definitely more garlic. Bit of a shame really as it had the makings of a very nice dish.

So all in all it was just OK, not quite there for me but it has just reopened (the previous incarnation being "Lingotto" and strangely before Lingotto it was actually also called Isolobella so not sure what the story is there) so it may be interesting to check it out again in a month or so.

Terrible photo I'm afraid, but I only had my Blackberry with me:

Isolabella, 45-46 Red Lion Street, London WC1R 4PF

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