Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cheese on toast

Jack the black cat has been a bit poorly recently with a nasty virus (it could be argued he’s a bit poorly all the time as he has a heart condition, poor love) so after work yesterday I had to take him to the vet for a check up.

My plan for the evening's meal had been a beef and bean sprout concoction but as it turned out when we got home I just felt too tired and weary for cooking much of anything so cheese on toast it was.

I’m not really the type to just slice some cheese and grill it on toast, so while toasting the bread I grated some sharp cheddar together with some hot & spicy cheddar (one of those funny little waxed ball cheeses left over from Christmas) then mixed in some chopped ham, worcester sauce and a dash of milk ... I spread the toast with a little Mrs Balls Chutney, lobbed the cheese mixture on top then whacked it under a hot grill.  A little too close as it happens as some cheese got stuck to the grill element (the charred bit did turn out to be particularly yummy)!

Very nice it was too, with some home made pickled green chillies and red cabbage.

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