Monday, 17 January 2011

First time post - Stir fried pork with green beans & peppercorns!

OK, so I should really be going to bed now as have to be up for work bright & early in the morning, but, well I've been thinking about doing a blog talking about the things I cook and eat on a daily basis (yes yes I know, like the 10,000 other food bloggers) for years now. And tonight I thought "well there's no time like the present".

So that first rambling paragraph out of the way I'll now attempt to post some photos of tonight's dinner.. Stir fried pork with beans and green peppercorns.  As a lot of people will recognise, this is taken from David Thompson's "pink book" (although sadly my copy isn't pink).  I made a few changes...

Pounding the paste, so to speak.  I couldn't seem to get the chillis any more "pastey" as such but I could definitely smell the difference in the paste - I usually use my mini electric grinder.  You can see a few dried shrimp eyes if you look closely ;) 

Most of the rest of the ingredients - just the limes leaves, thai basil and white sugar missing I think. Also the little pile on the left is a mixture of krachai & ginger as I didn't have quite enough of the former.  Mmmm I love fresh green peppercorns.  I'm quite partial to fish sauce as well.

What Jack & Polly, two of the laziest cats in the world, were doing the whole time I was cooking - not even the smell of dried shrimp could rouse them.

Frying the curry paste!

The rest of the ingredients added - I included some sliced babycorn as I had some in the fridge.

Served with some brown rice - not the greatest photo in the world but it will do.

I've cooked a few othe things from the pink book which have all been excellent and this didn't disappoint.  Was a little apprehensive in using the dried shrimp, particularly as the recipe seemed to call for an awful lot (4 tbsp!) but it certainly helped give the dish depth.  I loved it with the brown rice as well - the nuttiness of the rice worked really well with the relative lack of sauce and oiliness of the stir fry / dry curry.

So there we have my first attempt at posting! :-)

My intention in the future is to write up my take on the recipes I take on but as I said, it really is time for bed... I've recently cooked some fairly interesting meals so I'll try and post some photos of those over the next few days as well as what I cook up each evening (you can probably expect some random photos as well)... in the meantime - Good Night!

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