Monday, 24 January 2011

Dinner chez Alex & Charlie

On Saturday night I had dinner at my lovely friends Alex & Charlie's house.

As ever it was great to see them and to top it all off Charlie made an absolutely fabulous dinner - there's nothing better: good wine, delicious food and excellent company!

Lamb shanks baked in foil parcels, red cabbage and mash

Red cabbage braised with apple, bacon &
balsamic vinegar

Lovely winey, buttery, vegetabley juices 

Preparing berries for the Eton Mess

KitchenAid envy!

Scrummy Eton Mess

Great bottle!

Rex keeping a watchful eye on proceedings
It was all really very, very delicious.  The meringue in the Eton Mess was probably the best ever I've ever had... to the extent that my job of breaking it up into bits was ever so slightly hampered by "trying a bit" for every bit I crumbled... ;)

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