Friday, 20 May 2016

Long Overdue Eating At Home Catch-Up Part 2

And so here we are, on to Part 2.... and yes, I am aware that it has been nearly six months since Part 1. But Baby's first Christmas happened. And then his first birthday. And then there was the small matter of planning the best wedding of 2016. All have now passed though and frankly I need something to distract me from the post-wedding blues. And so here I am.

One thing I noticed while putting this post together is that a couple of the meals look suspiciously similar to some posted in Part 1. Which  is correct. Similar however, not the same. What happened, if anyone is bothered, is that I cooked a couple of things again with tweaks. The chilli chicken and mushroom risotto for instance? The first time I think I made it with bog standard basil pesto whereas the second time I made tarragon pesto. And the spicy beef and tofu? More like an oil-less Mapo Tofu the second time around. And still I failed to write up recipes for them. Oh well, there is always next time...

Braised lamb shanks with baked polenta & gremolata

BBQ steak with garlic-herb butter, potato gratin & asparagus 

Chicken & mushroom risotto with tarragon pesto

Spicy Sichuan beef & tofu

Duck breast with sour cherry sauce & mini gratins

Pork chop, chimichurri & sweet potato mash

Double Swiss & green chilli relish burger

Braised pig's cheeks with garlic mash

Pasta bake

Chicken pot pie

Sweet & sour chicken noodles

Hamish's superfood salad

Baked Spanish rice with chicken & chorizo

Mushroom & truffle linguine

Chicken, prune & olive tagine

BBQ bone-in ribeye, corn & mustard potato salad

Hamish's bacon & pea risotto

Chicken & broccoli pasta bake with toasted almonds

Thai chicken stirfry

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