Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Long Overdue Eating At Home Catch-Up Part 1

I have previously posted periodic "round-ups": collections of photos of things I have eaten, home and away where either I was remiss in posting or, if I'm completely honest, just couldn't be bothered or forgot to write up a recipe. I knew that an 'at home' version of such a post was well overdue but I have to say that I'm shocked to discover that the last time such a post was written was actually over two years ago in August of 2013. Blimey.

As you can imagine then I have bloody stacks of photos where I want to document good food we have eaten but haven't actually got a recipe file to go with it: and so what I had thought would be just the one catch-up post may indeed become two or more. I'll get started then: some of the titles may be a little, erm, vague but I have the memory of an amnesiac goldfish a lot of the time these days so you'll have to bear with me.

Burger with tomatillo salsa & luchito mayo

Steak & blue cheese tagliatelle

Cod in saffron & tomato sauce

Griddled tuna with stirfry veg & noodles

Hamish's chicken & asparagus pasta

Teriyaki salmon with pea & broccoli fried rice

Lamb ragu, pappardelle & gremolata

Cheese & tomato on sourdough toast

Bacon, pea & leek farfalle

Lamb & polenta with mint sauce & green beans

Chicken, broccoli & black bean

Loaded potato skins

Spicy tofu & beef

Lamb & aubergine stew with roast carrot couscous

Hot smoked salmon & broccoli fusilli

Tarragon chicken

Cod & spinach curry

Spiced salmon with herby couscous

Egg & potato curry

Chicken katsu curry

Roast chicken, potato gratin & petis pois a la francais

Thai chicken curry

Salmon, fennel & pesto

Chilli chicken & mushroom risotto with pesto

Barnsley chop with Niçoise vegetables

Beef massaman curry

Christmas dinner, 2014

So that takes us neatly up to the end of 2014... this year to follow soon!

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