Saturday, 16 February 2013

Eating Out Over The Last Year

So here's Part II, a round-up of a few of the places eaten in, or indeed taken away from in the last 12 months or so (plus a few things that perhaps should have gone in Part I but weren't (necessarily) cooked by me) . With a couple of these I had fully intended to write up proper reviews but just never really got around to it. There will possibly also be a Part III which in essence will be a sort of photo comparison of a few burger places.

Again, I must apologise for the quality of some of the snaps - iPhone, bad lighting & no flash, blah blah.

Ramen at MoschMosch, Frankfurt Airport

The end of Sunday brunch at Mestizo, near Euston Sq, NW1

Some sort of mushroom ragout with truffle mash  & a crispy fried egg I
think at The Coach & Horses, Clerkenwell

Tiger prawn shish at Del'Aziz, Bermondsey Square, SE1

Chicken, preserved lemon & green olive tagine at Del'Aziz

Nibbles for my party: there was a lot more to come!

Delicious fresh bread & skyr (I think) at Texture,
Portman Square

Heritage beetroot salad at Texture

Salmon, seaweed & horseradish snow at Texture

Icelandic salted cod & prawns with grapefruit & seafood sauce at Texture

Anjou pigeon & sweetcorn 3 ways (including bacon popcorn) at Texture

Cheese course at Texture

Demolished Petit Fours at Texture

BBQ spiced crispy pig's ears & cocktails at Duck &

Scallop, apple, truffle & lime on a Himalayan salt brick at D&W

Heavenly bacon wrapped dates at D&W

Roasted beetroot with goat's curd & honeycomb at D&W

Spiced Herdwick lamb cutlets with spiced aubergine at D&W

Duck & Waffle at erm, D&W

Torrejas & maple caramel apples at Duck & Waffle

'Peach Melba' at D&W

Business Class salad.. it won't happen again - memories!

Steak & Bearnaise: actually much better than it looks

Cheeses & quince jelly (with port of course)

Lump crab cake at Legal Seafoods, Arlington, VA

Smoked salmon, charcuterie, cheese & champagne at the Olympic Park

Chateaubriand at The Leather Exchange, SE1

Pho, hoisin & Vietnamese coffee from Ca Phe on Bermondsey Street

Garlic chicken & waffle fries from Leon on Regent Street

Iced tea at Honey & Co, Warren Street

Rainbow beetroot salad, walnuts, pomegranate & labaneh at Honey & Co

Chicken & rice casserole with pistachio & pumpkin at Honey & Co

Amazing cakes to take home for tea, also at Honey & Co

Fish & chips, Camber Sands

Cream tea, Rye

Mint tea, Finchley Central

Amazing Diamond Jubilee birthday cake for my friend Naomi,by my
friend Emma

Full English (minus bacon, plus extra sausage) at Duck & Waffle

Foie gras 'all day breakfast' at Duck & Waffle

'Steak' & eggs benedict at Duck & Waffle

In lieu of actual reviews: Texture, Honey & Co and Duck & Waffle (once for dinner, once for breakfast) were all great - if I had to choose one to go back to it would probably be Honey & Co as it was just so goddamned delicious. I'm most likely to go back to Duck & Waffle for breakfast / brunch due to its proximity. And that I really want to try the duck's egg en cocotte.

BF & I have been back again for the Chateaubriand at The Leather Exchange - their Thursday special, you get a veritable mound of food and a perfectly cooked steak for 2 plus a bottle of nice red for under £50. Bargain.

The ramen at Frankfurt airport was really very good: who knew such a high level of quick and tasty airport food existed. Leon is, well Leon. But if you're in central London and need a quick bite it's so much better than many of the alternatives.

I'm addicted to the Vietnamese coffee at Ca Phe and when I was off work and had stayed at the BF's the night before it was a ritual the next morning to grab a cup of it to takeaway and sit in Tanner Street Park, people watching. The pho on this occasion, was also very good.

I had a very long, lazy, boozy brunch at Mestizo with my friend Phil. We retired to a bench in Regent's Park afterwards for a couple of hours having eaten so much we could barely move. Good fun.

And finally Emma's cake: not only was it absolutely beautiful to look at, it was also the best cake I think I have ever tasted. Fact.

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