Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A (long) Postcard From Sardinia

I've just returned from a short (well a week but it was too short and hard to leave) holiday in Alghero on the Northwest coast of Sardinia with my best friend Naomi. We had chosen a number of sightseeing type places to visit but in the end that all went out the window as we got truly into the laid back and relaxed vibe and spent our days reading on the beach, followed by evening aperitivo, fantastic meals, leisurely passeggiata, a digestif or two then bed.  Bliss.

A favourite apertif - Aperol Spritz

Gnochetti Sardi

Culurgiones - Sardinian ravioli

Delicious mixed antipasti with pane carasau

The runny cheese was outstanding

More culurgiones

We visitied an agriturismo one evening to sample a huge 15 course of typically Algherese cuisine, the highlight of which was the roast suckling pig.. oh if only we'd taken it easy with the antipasti and primi..

Delicious salami, cotto & prosciutto

Various cheeses and roasted aubergine

Fregola - a Sardinian pasta

Is that culurgiones I spy?

The suckling pig - yum. There was a lamb dish as well but I forgot to take a pic

Typical dolci

Calamari fritti

Spaghetti all'algherese

 Another evening called for another 15 course blowout - this time of the fish and seafood variety in a fantastic little restaurant in Alghero's centro storico.  Excellent evening made all the more special by the friendly and frankly madcap staff and locals.

Various seafood antipasti - alici, mussels, octopus, fish in different preparations

Mixed seafood and vongole pastas

Taglioni with peas in squid ink




Gorgeous crema catalana tart


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